Real Estate in Costa Rica

Do you want to sell, invest or sell real estate in Costa Rica but you don´t know where to start? Well, you are in the right place.

Real estate in Costa Rica has more that ten years of experience realizing and bringing counseling to people interested on properties in the sunny country of Costa Rica.

What make us the best option for you is our team.It is composed by the most experience real estates agents that can help you to make the right decision and make the most out of your money.

We also have an entire legal squad to your disposal; this team can help through all of your legal concerns related to your real estate adventure and make it a pleasant experience.

We know that with this new business venture you are going to require some different kind of services. These go from a complete remodel to a complete demolition, from a simple cabinet to a new kitchen or bathroom, new plumbing or a guest house; it does not matter what you require our mission is to help you with it. We know the Costa Rican market very well and throughout all this years we have created a relation with the best contractors, from local ones to specialized international companies that provide services or products not available otherwise.

Our motto is very simple: “The customer is all.” Thanks to this our business increased 30% last year, and we expect this to keep in the same path for a long time.

You will also find valuable information on our blog.There you will find the latest news not only related to real estate but also about Costa Rica´s economic and political panorama.

Why do you need to invest in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica real estate market has experienced a fast increasing injection of inversion for the last decade. Americans, Canadians and Europeans are the main interested in getting a piece of land from this country known as the Switzerland of Central America, but there is a growing interest from Asians, especially from China since they signed a collaboration deal with Costa Rica two years ago.

Costa Rica has been considered for a long time a vacation destination, but governments have created new laws and projects to promote Costa Rica as a provider of qualified workers in areas such technology, manufacturing and customer services. This new approach has generated an economic boost in different areas especially in the real estate field where properties located in urban and industrial areas generated a new increasing interest by foreigners investors.

Areas such as San Jose, Cartago are the most wanted for venture capitalists that want to put their money on more commercial and urban areas. These locations are very attractive because they offer a vast variety of opportunities, and they are near some of the most important public and private schools and colleges.They are also very close to some of the most important malls and shopping centers in Costa Rica.

Guanacaste is a great place for those interested to invest in a vacation home or the tourism industry.This province is the home for some of the biggest real estate projects in Costa Rica.They go from brand-new 5-star hotels to exclusive gated communities where you can find everything you need without living the security these places offer.

Limon and Puntarenas provided the perfect place for people looking to invest in either tourism, vacation homes or commercial properties.Puntarenas and Limon are the main ports cities in Costa Rica, and they provide the routes to every product that comes in or out of this country.

We hope that you find everything you need to know about real estate in Costa Rica on this website and be sure to visit us in order to get the latest news about it. Pura Vida